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119 Pimelea Crescent, Mt Cotton 4165

Saija was born in Australia to Finnish parents and is a professionally qualified massage therapist and a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia (previously AAMT).

She has developed her unique technique and skills from a range of modalities and blends them together to produce a recipe that brings results.

Saija incorporates hands-on healing practices spanning over 20 years into her massage.

Clients can request specific time be made available for healing as an alternate therapy either separate from or included in with their massage.  Her techniques are individually designed to meet the specific needs of each and every client.  With skillful expertise she can release areas of discomfort within the body.

With deep tissue pressure release combined with a relaxing and soothing massage you are sure to leave feeling a deep sense of peace and restored balance.

Massage bodywork is a non-invasive and humanistic approach based on ‘touch’ to help the body heal itself.

Massage has many physiological effects such as:

  •  Increasing circulation - Allowing the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissue and vital organs
  •  Stimulating the lymph system - the body’s natural defense against toxic invaders
  •  Relaxing and softening injured and overused muscles
  •  Reducing spasms and cramping
  •  Increasing joint flexibility
  •  Reducing recovery time
  •  Releasing endorphins
  •  Reducing post-surgery adhesions and oedema and reducing and realigning scar tissue after healing has occurred
  •  Improving range of motion and decreasing discomfort for people with pain
  •  Relieving pain for migraine sufferers and decreasing the need for medication
  •  For pregnancy contributing to shorter labour and reducing tearing, minimising depression and anxiety.

With ‘touch’ people can be restored to full health and vitality. Life takes on a new meaning.

Can you picture a time when life was good, your body felt free and relaxed. A time when nothing was troubling you. That's the felling you will have when Saija has worked her magic on you.

If you are having trouble with...

  •  Pain or stiffness in the neck & shoulders, back, legs, knees or feet
  •  Suffer headaches
  •  Have scoliosis problems
  •  Or sciatica
  •  Post injury scar tissue healing difficulties
  •  Feel tired, low in energy, run down or just generally stressed

We all need a little extra help from God from time to time and with the right training it is possible to harness the universal energies and direct them to clear congestion in the body - congestion which makes the body work harder than it needs to.

The body’s pathways, like anything in nature , whether it be our water systems or our road systems need to offer a clear transportation route from point A to point B and this can’t happen if there’s obstacles in the way.

I would like to offer you an experience to receive this gift from God that has the power to leave you feeling wonderful. Please ask for “Universal Healing and Body Balancing”.

This therapy can be administered on it’s own or added to any of my existing therapies. The duration of this therapy is approximately 30mins.

Hourly Massage
$70 1 hour
$110 1 ½ hour
$140 2 hour
$170 2 ½ hour
$200 3 hour

Universal Healing and Body Balancing - This therapy can be administered on it's own or added on to any of the massage session.

$35 ½ hour

$185 and includes:

1 ½ hour - Full Body Deep Tissue Massage
Relieves tightness using slow pressure release leaving you feeling very relaxed

½ hour - Foot Reflexology
Releases tension from the zones of the feet opening channels and pathways. Your feet will feel like cushions of air.

$250 and includes:

2 hour - Remedial & Relaxation Massage Mix
A combination massage of deep tissue slow pressure release to relieve any tightness, topped off with soothing strokes to relax and calm the body. You will feel renewed and lightened of all burdens.

½ hour - Foot Reflexology
Releases tension from the zones of the feet opening channels and pathways. Your feet will feel like cushions of air plus

½ hour - Universal Healing and Body Balancing
"Hands-on" healing fills your body with Pure Positive energy which permeates every cell and every organ bringing your whole being into perfect balance and harmony. This healing energy restores the workings of your body allowing it to perform at it's optimum best. You will feel blissed out and raised up to Heaven's gate - embraced in Angel's wings.

Saija is truly amazing. She is gifted, talented and skilled in dealings of the body and mind. Saija will work with you on whatever level is right for you. You may just require an amazingly therapeutic and relaxing massage or, like myself, you may require a more focused session of tension and energy release. Saija can read your body like a map and track down areas of blocked energy. She’s determined!! and she will not give up until it’s out!!. Her knowledge as to why blockages occur where they do is staggering and for me completes the full body, mind and soul therapy that I receive at every visit. Saija cannot come more highly recommended. Give her a go and see for yourself!

Saija has been a godsend, I have been to many remedial massage and other types of treatments for my back and in particular my sciatic nerve, and they were ok for a quick fix.....but Saija proved that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to your health and general body structure. Saija has been able to not only educate me but bring me to a higher level which has enabled me to take control, not only my health but my spiritual connection as well. Thank you and God Bless.

Saija has the strongest massage technique I have ever experienced in my life. I feel instant pain relief after leaving her. Unbelievable!!!

After many years of trying different treatments for severe pain I had given up on ever finding a true source of relief. I had become very cynical about all the different methods available, and relied very heavily on pain killers. Then by chance I stumbled across Saija and could not believe how she straight away targeted my problem areas, and the relief was instantaneous. Saija has magic hands and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

The total Saija experience is truly amazing. Both my body and mind feel cleansed, rejuvenated and at peace after a massage. Thank you, you are a living angel.

Thank you Saija for sharing your incredible gift of healing. At each of my treatments you have explored and healed the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the pain and taught me so much about how the three are connected. The depth of the healing and wisdom of your psychic insights makes each treatment a transformative experience.

A visit to Saija leaves me feeling like I have a cool fresh invigorating breeze blowing gently on my face. I was drawn to my first treatment with Saija after reading her words on how to look after our bodies in the same way we would look after anything else we cherish. How that being kind to our body will allow it to give us the quality of life we each deserve and desire. I knew there were reasons for the stiffness and pain my body was feeling. I also knew that as well as the important physical treatment, the ideal long term answer for me was to address the mental and emotional aspects as well. A massage, a chat and a laugh with Saija provides that perfect balance for all areas to heal together.

I have known Saija Sampi now for almost 6 years and in that time her relationship with me has evolved from that of a masseuse, to a healer and friend.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a debilitating neurological disease for which there is no cure or predicted path of progression. Saija has been an instrumental key in my success to date with this condition, providing unwavering support and assistance along with an interest in my condition that goes beyond that of a traditional practitioner / patient relationship. In recommending her to my family and friends, I hear only glowing feedback and feel such gratitude that they are also able to experience the magic hands and mind of Saija. The benefits of experiencing a consultation with Saija are indescribable and I would recommend and encourage anyone striving for holistic health and vitality to book in immediately!

I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 7 years of age. I am now 40, and after having had two back operations and countless hours over the past 30 plus years suffering from excruciating, numbing and at times being bed-ridden with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica and associated problems, I found an angel on Earth by the name of Saija.

She has released tension,aches, pains and discovered and relieved sore spots in my body which are all in some way connected to my scoliosis. Saija and I are on a journey together and I believe I came across this incredibly giving and gifted lady for a reason. Every 3 to 4 weeks I have a session with Saija which has enabled my back, neck and shoulders to be free of pain, my sciatica is non-existent and has been for some time now. Living without pain has given me a sense of freedom. For me, to be able to move freely and enjoy life on an every day basis doing every day things is a blessing. There will never be enough gracious words to say to Saija for giving me back my freedom and my sanity. Thank you Saija. You are a shining light in my life!
Shelley W

Each and every person whom I have the pleasure of treating holds a very special and personal place in my heart and to those very loyal friends I say a big thank you and to those whom I shall meet for the very first time a big welcome to you all.

Ph (07) 38299162
119 Pimelea Crescent, Mt Cotton 4165

Experience a sense of peace and restore balance for yourself or purchase a Gift Voucher for someone you love.

It is important to look after yourself especially your body in the same way you would look after anything you cherish.

Be kind to your body and it will give you the quality of life you deserve. Become the person you were always meant to be.

Saija is a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia (previously AAMT) and her treatments are eligible for health fund rebates.